Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Update On The Whale

Just wanted to make a quick update about that white whale that I mentioned a few posts back.

Last night, Rish and I recorded the story during our regular recording session. I had a good time doing it, and singing the title of the story to the tune of the "Go, Go, Power Rangers," song over and over and over again. I really like the story, and Rish had never read it before, so it was fun when he figured this thing or that thing out, and I got to see it on his face when they clicked in place for him. Not that there's a lot of mystery to the story or anything, but, you know.

I was glad to see that he liked the story too, because I've talked it up for so damned long that I was afraid that he'd be horribly let down by it. Nice to see that not happen.

Anyway, we're that much closer to the story with the best title ever hitting our show. There's still a big line of stories in front of it, but it's that much closer. Yeehaw!

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