Friday, January 28, 2011

That Gets My Goat 21: A Tangled Web We Weave

A few episodes back, Big and Rish complained and whined about Disney's upcoming Rapunzel retelling TANGLED. Well, now that they've both seen it, will they change their tune?

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home Runs or Strikeouts?

So, as Big and I mentioned in our most recent Dunesteef episode (believe me, it's in there somewhere, after the silly voices but before the burping), we've got a bonus episode we've put together as a sort of "incentive" for people to donate to the show. It's a little story I wrote a couple of years back called "Home Runs" that's not really about Christmas but we considered running it for Christmas anyway. Then, we ended up getting horribly behind and ran nothing. The story is supposed to be humorous, and it's as scatological as next week's show banter, so if that sort of thing isn't for you . . . consider yourself warned.

Even so, it sure would be nice to get donations for the show, since I'm wracked by Jewish guilt over how little we pay our authors for stories, and I'm not even Jewish. I guess I'll talk to Big about that sometime.

It's just like a regular episode, with the story, banter afterward, maybe even a lame Barbie commercial thrown in, so if that appeals to you, that's sort of what incentive means. It's not really a limited-time offer, BUT if it's successful, we'll probably create another incentive episode somewhere down the line (likely with one of Big's stories), and that will replace this one semi-permanently.

Here's the link to a one-time donation, or you can approach it from the main Dunesteef page.

Donations are what keep this show alive, folks. That and sweat and ambition and creativity and submissions and the occasional sacrifice of a baby rabbit or chinchilla. You can choose to subscribe to a quarterly (or monthly) donation, or just give a one-time donation. If people take advantage of the non-specific nature of the offer, we'll probably have to announce some kind of minimum donation, but for now, whatever you feel comfortable giving is fine. And appreciated.

The end is always nigh, by the way, and every little bit of motivation or encouragement helps. No pressure or anything.

Rish "Pleeeeeease Give" Outfield

Friday, January 21, 2011

That Gets My Goat 20: Karaoke Hero

When Big and Rish finish up talking about Rish's recent karaoke exploits, find out whether he wins the contest and scores with The Woman From His Past. Spoiler alert--he doesn't win and strikes out with her.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lay Back and Think of England

Big and I got together to record yesterday, and we accomplished a great deal. We did lines for another podcast (and after that, we recorded our dialogue, LOL), re-recorded an addendum to an upcoming show, went through a Valentine's Day sketch, ate some sandwiches Big made, put down vocals for an audio drama written by some hack named Outfield, watched a couple of Monty Python sketches on YouTube, did another lengthy That Gets My Goat, went for a walk, answered some emails, drove to the store to buy toys, recorded some sound effects we made ourselves for a never-to-air show, grabbed a couple of burgers, looked up a list of famous dwarfs, woke up his wife with our screaming, and went downstairs to clean up his flooded basement.

Big had hurt his foot, and had to be up the next morning for work, so we were going to call it a night, but . . .

We still had a story that we had intended to read, for one of our contributing editors, who had kindly volunteered to produce another episode for us. But it was late, and we were tired, and we'd been planning on watching an episode of "Castle" together all night.*

It would have been so easy to just say, "Forget it," and enjoy the remainder of the evening, but there's that pesky "but" showing itself again. How could we rest, knowing there was somebody out there, willing to sacrifice their time and sweat for us, on their own time (and on their own dime)?

We had an obligation, the way I see it. We had to grit our teeth and, as they used to say (and maybe still say, for all I know), lay back and think of England.

So, we pulled up a chair and tried to record the story. I say "tried" because due to tiredness (I think the word is fatigue, but I'm not smart) and a couple ill-chosen words of the text, we spent a long time stumbling and laughing. A looooong time.

At one point, Big's wife's alarm went off, she got up, showered, dressed, had breakfast, and left for work, while we were still recording this story. When we finally got to "The End" (though a lot of stories people submit to us have "END" in caps when it's over, which I never get and never will), it was past three-thirty in the morning.

We'll probably talk on the eventual episode about what cracked us up so much, which is something I imagine would've happened at any point in our schedule, but I still pity the dude producing the show, because he has to wade through a lot of punchiness for the pair of us. Still, Big saved the file and sent it to him before we went to bed.

Ahh, the sacrifices necessary for Parsec-nominated audio fiction. And England.

Rish "Vibraphone" Outfield

*I like "Castle." And I haven't seen a single episode this season.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

That Gets My Goat 19: Don't Be Silly, Adrian Peterson

So, it's a new year, and nothing seems to be bothering Big and Rish today. Perhaps they can talk about a television commercial or a recent karaoke contest.

Perhaps not too.

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Don't be silly, of course you can pee here.

Friday, January 7, 2011

(Indiana Jones and the) Legend of the Lost Reading

In January of 2009 (two years ago, really?), Big and I got assigned to do a reading of a Science Fiction story for another podcast. The story was by a writer you've probably heard about (if not by Big, then on the big fiction podcasts), and we were really impressed by it. It was a good story, and we were happy for the chance to record it.

But . . . it was not to be, apparently. We got word that the story had (accidentally) also been given to another reader, and that our narration would not be necessary.

Both of us were upset by this. I used profanity, Big constructed a voodoo doll out of his son's Lego pieces, and I took refuge in a bottle of Absinthe while Big angrily erased our recording of the story, never to share it with a soul. We are not role models.

Well, in the intervening months (years, according to the calendar), Big and I invariably talk about this experience, and the lost story, both of us remarking that the Other reading never did show up on that (or any podcasts, that we know of). Misery loves company.

But this last week, while together, Big wondered if there was some kind of statute of limitations on audio fiction, and decided to send out a couple of emails. He asked the editor of that other show what became of the story, and he frankly had no memory of it (or us). He also didn't recognize his wife Eunice, even though she was standing right there.

Well, he said the story, the recording, and all records had been lost, so we could do what we liked. Big fired off an email to the author of the tale, who, being a big-shot writer with, you know, groupies and stuff, was not expected to get back to us.

Less than twenty minutes later, though, he had responded with a go ahead to re-record the show ourselves, along with a note that he most certainly DID recognize the editor's wife, if you know what I mean.

So, in this new year of 2011, it looks like we'll get to produce this long-lost story as one of our episodes, after which we'll probably tell this story again, only with more cursing. I hope we can do as well on the reading as we did in that bygone age of 2009. If so, a lot of fun will be had.

And oh, how you're gonna hate it.

Rish Tobias Outfield

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

That Gets My Goat 18: The Happiest Place On Earth

So, Big and Rish talked for over an hour about Big's family trip to Disneyland. It was hilarious, memorable, and brought a tear to the eye.

Unfortunately, all of that was accidentally lost, and you're stuck with this episode, where we attempt to recreate that magic. And speaking of magic, does Disneyland really live up to "The Happiest Place On Earth?"

Warning: the Disney lovefest continues. If you hate that sort of thing, you might want to give this a miss.

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