Saturday, July 30, 2011

Parsec Nominations Announced

I got an email today, from another podcast I lent my voice to, expressing disappointment that his show didn't get nominated for a Parsec Award, and he included all the shows that did, for some reason.

I looked it over. And the Dunesteef was on there. Thrice.

Crazily, we're nominated for Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Short Form) for our production of "A Place So Foreign" by Cory Doctorow (which Big produced), and for "This Must Be The Place" by Elliot Bangs (produced by Bryan Lincoln). It's really cool to be on the list of finalists. There were many readers, musicians, effects artists, and voice actors*, without whom those shows couldn't have happened. And the most credit, of course, has to go the generous writers, who created two entertaining and unique time travel stories (both with the word "place" in the title), and lent them to us for practically nothing. Kudos.

I am worried about being nominated in an "Audio Drama" category, since that's not really what we do on our show, but they classified anything with two or fewer readers simply as "Story," and anything with three or more readers as "Audio Drama." Somebody somewhere will probably pitch a fit, but until the powers over at the Parsecs create a "Fullcast Reading" category, that's where we find ourselves.

The other nomination was for Best Speculative Fiction Magazine or Anthology Podcast. That's kind of amazing, since it's a recognition of our whole body of work, at least in the last twelve months, and it's greatly appreciated. So, if you've contributed to the show in any way, feel free to slice off a little bit of the nomination for yourself.

I said last year--and still mean it--that it's an honor just to be nominated, but we do work awfully hard on our show**, and it's nice that somebody noticed.

Rish "Big-Head" Outfield

*Including my niece, who wouldn't say "hell" when a story called for it, so I had her say "shell" and trimmed the "sh" when she wasn't looking. Tee hee.

**But not enough to get a show out every week, sadly.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

That Gets My Goat 43: Unhappy Feat

In this episode, Rish wants to talk about CARS 2 even though Big hasn't seen it, but then they talk about a trailer to an upcoming movie . . . and we discover more of Rish's latent serial killer tendencies starting to emerge.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

That Gets My Goat 42: Evil's Mite

So, the GREEN LANTERN conversation has not so much come to a close, as completely fallen apart in a digression of random topics like SUPER 8, trailers, Harry Potter, and "The Wonder Years." Would you have it any other way?

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Conan Story By Any Other Name

Was it our last episode of the show where Big talked about his rule that we don't run stories that other shows have podcast? If so, then I'm a great big hypocrite, 'cause lookee what we have here.

Basically, I was over at Podcastle's site yesterday, looking through their story titles, and I came upon a Conan the Barbarian tale by Robert E. Howard they had run recently, "The Gods of the North." It didn't sound familiar, so I started to listen to it . . . upon which it sounded VERY familiar.

You see, for my birthday two years back, my buddy Jeff gave me a book of Howard's Conan stories, and the very first one in there (or it might have been the second) was one called "The Frost-Giant's Daughter," which told the same story. With the same words. Exactly.

Apparently, it was originally sent to (and rejected by) Weird Tales magazine, and Robert Howard rewrote it, changing Conan's name to "Amra of Akbitana," and changing the title to "Gods of the North." Then, Weird Tales was happy to run it.

Well, when Jeff gave me this book, it was during Big's last two week visit to Canada, and I so enjoyed the first two stories in the collection, that I decided to record a reading of them, either for our podcast, or just for the hell of it. You see, the majority of Howard's Conan stuff was written in the Thirties, and has fallen into the public domain, so I figured we could podcast as many of these stories as we wanted as episodes of our show, especially when money got tight to buy new work.

After laying down the straight read, I went back through and added tons of unnecessary sound effects. Sadly, doing the kind of stories we do takes loads of time, and though I finished "Frost Giant's Daughter," I ran out of time (and steam) in the middle of "The Phoenix On The Sword," and never finished editing it.

But in hearing the first story on Podcastle yesterday, I thought I'd grab the mp3 of my own reading, and stick it on here, just for fun.* Perhaps of the three of you that read our blog, one of you might enjoy comparing and contrasting the two readings. But we warned: MY Conan of Cimmeria tends to sound like a certain Austrian actor, Cyberdyne Model 101.

Rish Outfield of Stygia

*This is not to say that the Podcastle version, read by a friend of the show, Graeme Dunlop, is the inferior version. Hell no, I imagine there will be many that find my reading unlistenable. Still, what the devil are they doing reading my blog?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

That Gets My Goat 41: In Blackest Night

"You're doing a superhero movie, you gotta spend at least two hundred million! You need extra explosions, and lots more CG suits and stuff!"

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

That Gets My Goat 40: Green Lantern's Sh*te

What aspect of the GREEN LANTERN movie could bring back Angry Rish Outfield? And somehow, STAR WARS gets brought up...again.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On My Own

Hey folks, Rish Outfield here. Every year around this time, my good friend and cohost Big Anklevich goes on a family vacation. It's a way of letting me know that the world does not revolve around me, as he always picks either the week of Comic-Con or the week of my birthday to be gone, leaving me alone again . . . naturally.

So, we won't be having any new episodes of The Dunesteef for a little while (not till the middle of the month at the soonest), and for that, I apologize.*

In the meantime, I have chopped up our discussion on the GREEN LANTERN movie (along with some SUPER 8 talk), and will be sprinkling those in here intermittently, and if I can manage it, there's a special episode we recorded back in March or so that I'd like to release as well (though it would probably work better on our main feed). Nevertheless, you are not forgotten, and I hope the Bigless time really flies by.

Your fiend,

Rish Tiberius Outfield

*I also had to make the hard decision of which of our two completed episodes would drop before Big left and which would have to wait to air until he got back. I owe you an apology, Mr. McKeown.

Monday, July 4, 2011

That Gets My Goat 39: Green Lantern's Dark

Big and Rish start talking about GREEN LANTERN (although Rish probably wanted to say a bit more about SUPER 8).

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Note: This was recorded right after GL's opening, when it looked certain that the costly flop marked the death knell for B-level DC superhero movies. Who could've guessed that Warner Bros. would try to put a positive spin on it all?