Thursday, November 28, 2013

TGMG Special: The Battle Of The Ideas by B.D. Anklevich - Bootleg Edition

Remember Rish talking about the time we accidentally recorded two episodes for the same story? I think it was the post before this one. Anyway, here's the other version, the other episode. This is the version we recorded all the way back in April. If you're interested, listen to it through, and see how things changed, and how things stayed the same.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Tale of Two Podcasts

So, we've been too long without an episode of the Dunesteef, as you probably already know.  We have tried to remedy that, as you may also already know, and there is more than one episode edited and produced just waiting to see the light of day (one by me, and three others by our tireless producers).  But obstacles keep getting in the way of our recording.  Two weeks ago, we got together, and before we could head to Big's house to tape a show, Big's wife called him home to attend to a sick child.  There was the night we chose to watch "Ender's Game" instead of podcasting, and then, the next Monday, we sat down to record, only to find that the keyboard on Big's long-lamented computer had stopped working, and there was no way for him to type in his password to log onto the system.  We had months-overdue lines for Abbie Hilton, and a short story that may qualify as the world's longest to do for Marshal Latham, as well as our own stuff to do, so we borrowed Big's wife's laptop and read off of it until the battery ran out (he couldn't find the cord to plug it in, and it was nearing three am anyway).

So, this week, Big grabbed a spare keyboard to plug into his computer, and we tried our darnedest to get together early to catch up on podcasting.  We've got a new producer who did an episode for us, so we listened to his work, and recorded something to go along with it.  But most of our work was for our next show, which is written by Big, and produced by Bryan Lincoln.  It's a long story, and we listened to Bryan's production of it, which is impressive as always.  Then we sat down and did our usual aftershow banter to put with it.  But . . .

When Big went to save the file, he got an error that there was already a file on his hard drive with that name.

It would seem that, back in April, the night we recorded that story, we also did an episode for it, thinking it would save us time.  But neither Big nor I had any memory of doing that (even though, when I checked my own computer, I too had a copy of that episode from April 2nd), so it saved us no time at all.

In fact, it created something of an additional difficulty.  I am loathe to throw anything away, and though Big suggested I make some sort of Doctor Mephesto hybrid of the two shows, I decided to go ahead and edit them both, and make both of them available to the listeners.  The one we recorded in November will be the "Official" release that goes out on our feed and such, but the one from April will be our "Bootleg" version that, I don't know, goes out to donators, or maybe shows up on this blog page or something.

Regardless, I hope some of y'all will be happy to see that we've got a new episode coming out, and another one in the can beyond that. 


Rish Outfield, Drummer - Ank Oatfield

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rish Performs "Very Superstitious" on

Sometimes, when someone produces a Dunesteef episode for us where I'm the narrator, and I think the reading is particularly strong, it's hard to know if the story is extraordinarily good, or if it's just me, and I'm a demigod among audiobook readers.  It's an occupational hazard, I suppose.

Derek Palmer's story "Double Vision" was the first story we ran on our show, back when we didn't know that you had to do sound removal, and that making an edited mp3 of an mp3 and then saving it as an mp3 would degrade the quality.  But I still like that story, and would like to do it again, if someone told me I had suddenly gained thirty extra years on my lifespan or something.  We've done a couple other stories by that author, including the one everybody hated.  I hope he took that better than I did.

So, here I am, doing a reading on Audible of one of his stories.

"Very Superstitious" is a story about a teenage girl, Ally, who is so out of control that her mother sends her to New Mexico* to stay with her backward, religious cousins and their strict, conservative parents.  She balks at the silly rules in the household, like not watching television on Sunday, never showing their underwear, and leaving reeds outside the house so the Bice, a sort of boogeyman, will leave their daughters alone.  Religious people are so stupid and backward.

Except, it turns out, that there are others in town that also believe in the Bice.  Non-religious people.

I like this story a lot.  It's hard to talk about this one objectively, but there were a couple of moments I found pretty friggin' scary, and if that makes me sound like a self-serving corporate tool, then I'm making progress in life.

Here's the link if you'd like to go over there and pick up that one, and I'd be (hestitantly) interested in your thoughts on it.

Rish Outfield, Bice Hunter

*Maybe she was from New Mexico and they sent her somewhere else, I'm not sure.

That Gets My Goat 124: The Dork World

A couple of days after ENDER'S GAME, Big and Rish got together to watch (and talk about) THOR: THE DARK WORLD. It's possible that Rish has finally found a movie with nothing to complain about.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

That Gets My Goat 123: The Enemy's Podcast Is Down

So, instead of podcasting, Big and Rish saw ENDER'S GAME. They say a few words about it, with plenty of movie and book spoilers. Unfortunately, they neglect to talk about stuff other than the movie and book. Sorry.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Rish Performs "The Karnikov Card" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch on Audible

So, Rish has another Kristine Rusch story to promote.  It's called "The Karnikov Card," and it tells of sf convention sleuth Spade's encounter with a huge movie star, who turns out to also be a pretty huge villain.  This is number four in the Spade/Paladin series, with one more forthcoming.
Rish says these Spade stories get a bit easier to do with each one, either because of practice or familiarity.  It's probable they'll end up collected in a larger book someday, and it will be interesting to see if they sell more copies due to that.

You can "Karnikov" here:

Sunday, November 10, 2013

That Gets My Goat 122: The Fourteenth Night of Halloween

Big wants to thank you. For giving him the best da-ay of his life.

So, he and Rish sit down and do one extra episode of their marathon, dedicated to those who donated during the drive.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

A Couple of Rish Outfield Stories To Plug

Rish here.

I have been encouraged, for more 'n a year now, to share some of my stories on Smashwords, which is a website like Amazon, but dedicated solely to books and stories.  As you know, it's hard for me to find the backbone to put my writing up to be judged, but I did manage to stick up a couple of my works there recently, and I guess I will now take a moment to plug a couple of them.

I thought it would be wise to put a few of my stories on there for free, especially if they had appeared before, like on my blog or a flash fiction site.  However, both Dean Wesley Smith and Heath Ledger's Joker suggest that if you do something well, you never do it for free.  As far as I know, only one of those two is considered insane.


1.  "A Slight Delay"
For an airline passenger, an unexpected wait on the tarmac takes a turn for the strange.
I wrote this as a gag on the message boards when folks were talking about things that are and aren't scary.  Much like my moth story, I tried to come up with a scenario (however bizarre) where a man in a bunny costume could be frightening.

2.  "The Awful Tale of the Minnesota Diarrhea Ghost"
In this tiny tale, Grandpa sits down his two grandsons and tells them just enough about the Minnesota Diarrhea Ghost.
This really was a joke, written in a series of IMs to try and make Big Anklevich laugh.
It did not work.


1.  "Office Visit."
Genie and Sally are two young girls living in a small American town, not too long ago.  When a new dentist moves into town, people begin to behave strangely about him, causing the girls to become suspicious.  Nothing ominous could happen in their peaceful little home, could it?
This is a story I wrote a decade back, and very nearly got podcasted by a horror site in 2011.  It's pretty likely it will end up airing in Full Cast on the Dunesteef soon, but here's your chance to read it first.

2.  "Say Uncle."
Uncle Cal is driving his two year old nephew around, when the boy begins speaking in full sentences. Somehow little Alex is the messenger of adult Alex, in an unpleasant future that, just maybe, can be averted.
I wrote this story earlier this year, with the express purpose of doing it on our show.  Due to a number of obstacles, that has not (yet) happened, but it may still work in text, right? 

Most of these stories can also be found on, though they (like Dean Wesley Joker) seem to have a problem with giving stories away for free.  I've also put a slightly rewritten version of "On Dusty Wings" up there, trying to fix the plotholes that seemed apparent when read aloud.  That's at this link:


Rish Outfield, Story Peddler

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

TGMG: 13 Nights of Halloween: Outtakes

If you've ever wondered what gets left on the cutting room floor, well Rish Outfield spared no expense to make sure you get to find out. Here's is a wonderful little compilation of everything off the cutting room floor. You thought I was exaggerating, I'm not. It's everything.

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