Thursday, October 13, 2011

Slutty Halloween Episode

So, next week we'll record our Halloween show. Last year (or it might have been two years ago), Big and I went to a costume shop and looked at all the outfits available for purchase. He was disappointed to find that a lot of them were risque or adult, yet marketed to kids (or "tweens," whatever the hell they are. I bet they don't have a word for "tween" in Chinese . . . which we'll all be speaking soon). He wanted to talk about it on the show, but we didn't.

So, this year, we will. We'll be giving a Top Halloween Costumes 2011 list, and here's how you can help: in the Comments section below, give us your suggestions. But the gag is, they have to be in the format Slutty ________, as in "Slutty Piglet Costume." We'll read the funniest ones on the show. It may be another Dunesteef disaster, but as a greatish man once said, "Why not?"


  1. You mean, like, Slutty Dog AT-AT costume?

  2. I felt so sad when I saw that dog!!

  3. Went to the costume shop. Saw:
    Slutty Robin costume (as in Batman & Robin)
    Slutty Iron Man costume (seriously)
    Slutty Lucille Ball costume
    Slutty Freddy Kreuger costume
    Slutty Jabba the Hutt costume
    Slutty Mother Teresa costume

  4. Slutty Hulk costume
    Slutty Sulu costume

  5. Slutty Aunt Jemima costume.
    Slutty California Raisin costume.
    Slutty Jimmy Stewart In Mr. Smith Goes To Washington costume.
    Slutty Cindel Towani costume.

  6. Slutty Bin Laden costume

  7. Slutty Salacious Crumb costume
    Slutty Margaret Thatcher costume
    Slutty Mayor McCheese costume
    Slutty Anne Frank Costume