Monday, February 12, 2018

Rish's Essay "Character Assassination Luke Skywalker" on Delusions of Grandeur

Back in January, Rish heard somebody refer to a LAST JEDI action figure as "Character Assassination Luke Skywalker," and wrote, recorded, and filmed an essay about it.  In case you've not heard it, Marshal Latham has kindly aired it as part of the Star Wars: Delusions of Grandeur podcast, along with his own observations and sound clips.

Check it out HERE.

Or, if you absolutely have to watch the video version, here it is on YouTube.

Monday, January 29, 2018

TGMG 204: The Last Porg

Here is the second half of Big and Rish's long-winded conversation about STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI.

Download the episode by Right-Clicking HERE.

Oh, and here's that nasty picture (actually commissioned by LucasFilm) Rish mentioned:

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

TGMG 203: The Second-to-the-Last Jedi

Big and Rish saw the newest Star Wars movie and talk about it for a long time. Too long, it would seem, for a single episode.


Download the episode by Right-Clicking HERE.

Friday, January 12, 2018

I Narrate "Single Parent" for Cast of Wonders...Again

This is a little strange.  Somebody picked my reading of Sarah Gailey's "Single Parent" (Show 283) as their favorite episode of 2017, so they're re-running it.  That means . . .

Well, nothing, really.  No residuals, no bump in my status quo, probably not any new fans.  But if you missed my performance of a single dad's experience with a monster in his kid's closet, well, here's a second chance.

We don't get many second chances in life, but you can find yours at THIS LINK.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

I Perform "The Christmas Abomination" by Heather Shaw & Tim Pratt

Way back in 2010, I got picked to narrate the holiday story "The Christmas Mummy" by Tim Pratt and Heather Shaw.  It was one of the first projects I got tapped to perform by myself, and despite my then-inferior sound quality, it became a perennial favorite of discerning listeners everywhere.  Also, the story was pretty great.

Well, here we are a seven year later, with every cell in my body now different than it was, and I got asked to voice the sequel, "The Christmas Abomination from Beyond the Back of the Stars."  It picks up sometime after the first story, and brings back all the characters,* including the delightful-to-perform Doctor Moriarty.**

I was happy to come back to do this story, and I can only hope that this one becomes somebody's tradition like the first one.  Maybe Heather and Tim will collaborate on another of these someday.  Stranger things have happened.

You can find it at THIS LINK.

*I had to go back and make note of how I voiced each of these characters, then attempt to replicate them a year or two down the road.

**I really ought to upload my attempt(s) to pronounce "Peshtirimobdybelig."  It should entertain somebody other than me.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

TGMG 202: Ragnarok

Big and Rish made sure to see (and review) the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You make sure to listen.

Download the episode by Right-Clicking HERE.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Rish Performs "Customer Service Hobgoblin" on Far-Fetched Fables

Once again, Gary Dowell contacted me to do another story reading over on the Far-Fetched Fables podcast.  Every time big-shot podcasters ask me to narrate for them, I pray (to Pan, most often) I get a good one.  This particular fable is "Customer Service Hobgoblin" by Paul Hardy.*

Dang, this is a good one, sirs and madam.  Basically, a snarky minor deity has fallen on hard times and is forced to process prayers in a call center, which is humiliating enough for us mere mortals.  It's clever, it's funny, and it's got an awesome narrator.

Check it out RIGHT HERE.

*A right old Englishman, if I ever sawr one.  And a tale obviously written to be read by an Englishman as well.