Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rish's story "The Pen Was Mightier on The Way of the Buffalo

Some time ago, I sent my short story "The Pen Was Mightier" over to Hugh O'Donnell and his podcast "The Way of the Buffalo," and this week, he wrote to tell me the story is up on his show.

This was a nice surprise.  TWOTB was the first place to run my story "Subtext," and Dave Robison's grand reading of my tale "Old Man River" is on there too.  His podcast has been around a while, this is his (Star Trekky) seventy-ninth episode, and I really ought to ask him if he needs a promo or a silly voice for his show.

"The Pen Was Mightier" is a light and silly tale about a writer who obtains a magic pen that creates only inspired art.  It's not hard to guess where I got the idea, but it's short, and it's cute, and it's available to listen to right here.  Thanks.

Rish "I'd like to hear more about the Penis Mightier" Outfield

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