Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rish's "A Lovely Singing Voice" Available on Amazon

Hey kids, did you read that sprawling tale I wrote last year called "A Lovely Singing Voice?"  Well, I've now got it up on Amazon/Kindle Store if you want to buy a copy.  I put it off until the ever-faithful Gino Moretto came through with some cover art.  And while no drawing can convey the sinister nature of Brekkyn Manion, his work was exactly what the doctor ordered.
As a reminder: ALSV is the story of Tanissa Gunn, who meets a spoiled, lonely girl while visiting her father over the summer.  While her dad is at work, Tanissa and Brekkyn get to know one another, and we discover that Brekkyn always gets whatever she wants . . . always.

Here is the link, along with the usual author's note at the end:  Thanks!

Rish "Lovely Signing Voice" Outfield

P.S. No plans to do an audio version of this one.  Any suggestions?

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