Monday, November 12, 2012

Rish and Big on "Journey Into..."

I think it was our friend Ian who once said, "Anytime Marshal Latham runs an episode of his podcast without using you guys, he's just timing his waist."

Eager to avoid that, the two of us got to lend our voices to the newest episode of the "Journey Into..." podcast.  Latham has really Marshaled his forces lately, and produced some truly impressive full-cast audio.*  The latest is "Ichabod Crane: Master of the Occult," a dark sequel to Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," written by Dave Thompson, who hosts his own obscure podcast over at

I get to voice the title character, who the events in Sleepy Hollow and beyond have twisted into a scratchy-voiced force to be reckoned with, bent on revenge.  Big voices Hans Van Ripper, and gets to quake in fear, but doesn't really get to go nuts like I do.  Also part of the production are Mat Weller as Brom Bones, little Lathams, and Renee Chambliss as a spectre.

Marshal knocks it out of the park with his production, and I wouldn't be surprised if that dude wins a Parsec Award before we do.  You can find the story at  Who says Halloween ends with October?

Rish "Ichabod" Outfield

*When gone are we, the last of the full-cast fiction markets he will be.

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