Thursday, November 1, 2012

Big and Rish on the Belle Noir Podcast

Adam Gifford, friend of the show and producer of episode 132: Belief by Josh Roseman, has decided to start his own podcast to go hand in hand with his website Bete Noir. He asked us to read a story for him, and it is now available. If you'd like to hear Rish and Big act like street thugs, old junkies...along with other things, check it out here.

Also, this is episode 1 here folks. Don't end up broke and suicidal like George Bailey was. If he'd listened to Sam Wainwright when he'd said, "It's the biggest thing since radio and I'm lettin' you in on the ground floor," he'd have been so much happier than he turned out to be...right?

Listen to Belle Noir while it's still cool to do so, before they go corporate and water down their edgy sound.

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