Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rish on Pseudopod

A few weeks back, Big got to read a story over at Pseudopod called "Killing Merwin Remus." Now it's Rish's turn.

The story is called "The Stink of Animosity" by Rob E. Boley, and it's one of those familiar yarns about a man who meets a mysterious stranger in a bar one night. Plus, you get the always-inspiring Alasdair Stuart putting in his two cents at the end.

Can I say something here about Pseudopod, all off the record-like? I have to admit that I don't always like the stories they run on there, maybe because I'm hard to please when it comes to Horror. But I ALWAYS appreciate, enjoy, ponder, and thrill to the sections at the end when Alasdair gives his opinion, life-lesson, or creepy inferences. The man is a consummate professional, with a voice like peach molasses, and manages to make not only every episode worth listening to, but even his plea for donations something unique and welcoming.

It's an honour to be able to share the podasphere with that man. And in the coming global apocalypse, I hope to be able to share a shopping mall with him as well.

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