Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Marley was dead . . ."

Rish here. Recently, Renee Chambliss told me about a podcaster, Douglas Welch, who was putting together a group of other podcasters to read his adaptation of Dickens's "A Christmas Carol." Since that's my favorite book, I leaped at the chance, and was hoping that my two favorite segments ("May you be happy in the life you've chosen" and "Oh, tell me that I may sponge away the writing from this stone!") were not yet taken.

They were, but I at least got to do the "It should be Christmas, when one drinks the health of such an odious, stingy, unfeeling man as Mister Scrooge" scene. There's about twelve different readers, including Renee, L. Scribe Harris, and Bryan Lincoln. In listening through, I found it odd that I was pretty much the only guy that did voices (Scribe and the Pendragon ladies also went for it), and that gives me pause. I could write an entire post on that. But I won't.

I also noticed that the quality of readers varied, but that the folks we've had on our show were among the best of the bunch. A little fatherly pride, that.

So, check it out here, when you get a chance.

Or, I suppose, I could try to figure out how to embed it on our own site. Someday.

I know that some may tire of "A Christmas Carol," since it's a bit ubiquitous, but I'm proud to have been part of an adaptation.

Rish "Ignorance & Want" Outfield

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  1. I know what you mean, Rish. I was expecting more people to ham it up for Xmas, but alas. However, there were several good readers on there, and the entire production was a ton of fun. I've listened to it twice now.

    I always like reading the "May you be happy in the life you have chosen," line, since I played Belle in middle school, but the Charwomen is a close second. ;)