Monday, December 26, 2011

Rish and Big on "Journey Into..."

Marshal Latham's "Journey Into..." podcast probably has the best theme song of any show I listen to. Of course, I'm fond of the themes to Pseudopod and Escapepod, but neither of those have Jean-Luc Picard or Rod Serling in them.

This week, "Journey Into..." presents the story "The Mansion" by by Henry Van Dyke, a tale similar in many ways to Dickens's "Christmas Carol," except much more church-centric in nature.

I (Rish) was lucky enough to be cast as John Weightman, the pious rich man who makes certain that every good deed he does will profit him, and has his name attached to it. Bigglesby Anklevich also does a voice, that of the Ghost of Christmas Ye--er, the Gatekeeper. Sorry.

Also on there are pals of ours, Josh Roseman (narrating), Julie Hoverson (sounding all hot, despite not trying to), and Marshal himself (ditto). Check it out here, if you've got a spare hour and eight minutes.

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