Sunday, May 22, 2011

Top Five ____ List?

I was editing our next episode today, and came across a moment when I wax nostalgic about doing our little Top Five lists in past years of the show. And even though Big verbally rolls his eyes in this part, I agree with the guy who says it's been too long since we did one.

So, I figured I'd ask y'all. In the comments section, give me a suggestion for a Top Five list you'd like to see us discuss sometime on the show, and maybe I'll bribe/coerce Big into doing it in the near(ish) future. Party on, Wayne!

Rish "Bottom Five" Outfield

P.S. In the interest of fairness, if you agree with Big on this, and never want us to do another one for as long as we live, go ahead and let me know. Thanks.

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