Monday, May 30, 2011

That Gets My Goat 34: Thor, He's A Jolly Good Fellow

Look, they can't all be funny, okay?

In the final part of our THOR conversation, Big and Rish talk about the Darcy character, CG, the romance, believing a man can fly, and whether Rish could talk about the death of Gwen Stacy without crying.

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  1. Wow, I get to comment first?

    Rish complained about Green Lantern's costume/uniform being CG in the new movie, and asked why they couldn't have made it a "real" one. My take on this is that unlike other superheroes (Superman, Batman, Spider-man, etc.) who had to manufacture their own costumes, GL's costume is created by the ring on demand by Hal. Therefore I think making it CG is kind of "right", since it's not a physical object. (Disclaimer: my Green Lantern "knowledge" is mainly from Silver/bronze age comics; I don't read the new ones.)