Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hi, everyone. Big here. I just finished putting together and posting the outtakes for this week's story, "Hang Up And Try Again," by Derek L. Palmer.

If you've never checked out the outtakes that we post for the show, you really ought to give it a try. Since we started putting these up for every show, Rish and I pay special attention as we edit, in hopes of finding that bit that totally cracks us up.

The mess ups, be they our own or from the voice actors, are always entertaining. They're usually a lot more than just flubbed lines. As you might have guessed, Rish goes all out (even I do sometimes. Every dog has its day). We interject the same kind of humor (can it be called humor? Maybe poor taste is a better description) into the reading of the story that we do into the post show comments.

Then there's the outtakes from the post show comments themselves. This is the stuff that either meanders for too long, or maybe just crosses the line of bad taste. Rish lovingly saves it all, and regurgitates it for our listener to enjoy. So, John Smith of 223 Crescent Circle (boy, that's an old one that went away long ago), check out the outtakes. I bet you'll smile at least once.

What's that you say? How do you check them out? Well, yeah, I guess that's the thing. See, we decided to try and do our show up like a DVD menu, and hide these blooper reels and outtakes as Easter eggs, little bits that you have to search for to find. Here's how I find the outtakes once 080T puts them up. I hover my mouse over the episode post until a spot that I thought was blank black space becomes underlined, as if there were a link there that I couldn't see. Then I click on that link. Some other folks have told me that they highlight all the text, and search for that one bit that isn't grey like the rest, but black like the background instead. I bet there's other techniques too. Whatever you do, though, give it a shot, and have some fun.

Your fiend (is signing it this way required Rish? I feel like a dork),

Bigney Donald Anklevich

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