Saturday, August 14, 2010

Don't Think, Just Draw

So, I was feeling ambitious for some reason today, and I thought I'd do what I could to create some episode art for an upcoming show. My idea was to have the image be a cockroach wearing a Walmart greeter's vest/smock/uniform/whatever they're called. So, of course, what I did was go onto the web and find a photo of someone wearing one of those Walmart outfits, save it, and poorly draw a cockroach over the person inside it.

An hour later, with it still not looking good, it occurred to me that a smarter man would've simply found a photo of a cockroach, and drawn a Walmart smock over it. Arrrrgh.

So, when that episode hits, go easy on the artwork, wouldya?

Rish "The Blind Picasso" Outfield

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