Friday, August 6, 2010

First Post!

Hi folks,

Welcome to the first installment in our Dunesteef Magazine Blog. I'm Rish, one of your hosts, and Big and I figured it was about time we started a blog about the show, to answer questions, update our listener, and talk about whatever's going on with the show (or not even remotely related to it). I think we'll switch off, Big and me, posting as the need arises, letting people know our thoughts, feelings, and deepest, darkest secrets.

Yes, I murdered a child for a candy bar once. He claimed it had a golden ticket inside it.

But more on that later.

Big and I have occasionally had need to get on the main site and post that his computer had been fried, or we lost a finished episode, or submissions were closing, or that Bea Arthur had passed away, and I have been tempted from time to time to let people know what we're working on, news that might be interesting to our fan, why the damn episode still hasn't been uploaded yet, that sort of thing. But we don't want to clutter up the main page with it, and would prefer that it be reserved only for episodes.

Hence, this blog.

In the days to come, Big and I will fill these pages with . . . actually, we'll probably do nothing on this blog most of the time. But if we're ever working on something special, or lending our voices to another show, or nominated for an award, or on the run from the police, we plan to let people know about it here first.

Feel free to tag along.

Your fiend,

Rish Emily Outfield

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