Friday, June 3, 2016

TGMG 179: Drivel War (what else rhymes with "Civil?")


And so did you, or you won't be listening.

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  1. I feel so out of touch! . I liked Batman & Superman, Avengers (Ultron), Ant Man and Civil War. Nobody else seems to. Maybe my Taste Meter is malfunctioning. I Loved Deadpool so that's okay but I still feel I'm in trouble here!

  2. Guys, you're right. You're absolutely right. I need to watch this again. Some of the lines and scenes seemed shoehorned in and felt awkward. It didn't flow the way Avengers did. It's no Weedon, that's for sure. But a hot Aunt May? Really? What? WHY? That was pointless. Spiderman was great. We get the smart-mouthing but from a young inexperienced teenager. That really worked and the visit from Tony Stark was a nice set piece. (Just to be petty for a moment, I miss the robot-aided assembly/disassembly of Iron Man's suit. When the whole damned thing unfolds from nowhere I'm reminded of The Flash's suit unfolding from his ring (insert cheap gag here) and even as a kid that had me frowning and shaking my head. Okay, maybe graphene sheet or something but bullet-repelling armour and all the tech built into it? I think not. Bring back the robots! It's a really cool scene anyway. So there). I think that fact that I didn't see the trailer had to help, from what you said about spoilers. There were some bits that didn't feel right though. They could have put up a much better argument about the registration of heroes and the apportion of blame for Sekovia etc. That was kind of weak. The whole thing felt like it had been put together by committee and the joins still showed at the end. We need Weedon!