Saturday, September 27, 2014

Big n Rish on the "Journey Into..." podcast and a Kickstarter to Boot

Many, many moons ago, Marshal Latham got us to record our voices for a forthcoming "Journey Into..." episode. It was for a Ken Scholes story with the terse title "Of Metal Men and Scarlet Threads and Dancing with the Sunrise."

Now, it's finally available, and looking over the cast list, which includes Josh Roseman, Julie Hoverson, Johnny Feisty*, Bryan Lincoln, Nathaniel Lee, Marshal Dillon Latham, and Wilson Fowlie.

The story tells of the great city of Windwir, which has been destroyed, and the Androfrancine order wiped out. The only survivor seems to be a lone mechanical man.  Big voices a villain and Rish voices one of the title characters.

Here be the link to listen to the story.

Marshal has even published the outtakes from the story already too. He puts all his outtakes on a separate podcast he calls "Strew Along the Path". I suppose that means these are the things that got lost along the way on the "Journey Into..." or something. Anyway, check the outtakes out HERE.

Marshal has been very passionate about the work of Ken Scholes, and has just started a Kickstarter project to get Ken to write a story for the Edgar Allan Poe month. His goal is very reachable, and it amused me to read the incentives one could get by supporting the fundraiser (though I don't know that his vow to "bathe your bare, hairy feet in my tears" was the wisest pledge).

Check out the kickstarter here, and donate to the effort.

*The other night, Announcer Man didn't want to read his credit, claiming, "That's not a real name."

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