Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Journals of Jacob and Hyde

Longtime friend-of-the-show Tobias Queen has just released his first audiobook by way of ACX onto Audible.  It's called The Journals of Jacob and Hyde: Jehovah and Hades, Book 1 by Randall J. Morris.  Rish and Big both played a small part in his production, so we thought we'd mention it here for you in case you are interested in checking it out. Tobias Queen is the golden voiced narrator that has appeared in many of our productions over on the podcast, most notably The Troop by Tobias Harris, an all-Tobias affair which he performed entirely by himself, a first on our show if I remember right.  So, you can be sure that your ears will enjoy the velvety smoothness of his voice no matter what the story is like.

Oh, what is the story like?  Well, according to the Amazon page, it's something like this:

Jake was just a normal kid who enjoyed hearing his mother's bedtime stories. The stories became shockingly real when he discovered that he was a descendant of Dr. Jekyll, and that he had his own Mr. Hyde living inside him. Driven by a desire to do good, he attempts to hunt down and kill the remaining Hyde monsters.

Can he finish off the onslaught of Hyde monsters and keep the girl he loves safe from their retaliation?

Check it out if you're interested, Tobias will surely thank you for it...oh, and Randall J. Morris probably will too.

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