Friday, August 8, 2014

Rish Performs "Of Men & Wolves" on Far-Fetched Fables

Although I try to accept every invitation that comes my way, I thought Gary Dowell (editor of the then-forthcoming Far Fetched Fables), was crazy to have sent me "Of Men and Wolves" to narrate.  On first glance, it was a tale told in the first-person of the struggles of the newly-widowed wife of a barbarian.   As I read the tale by An Owomoyela, and I discovered that the main character wasn't exactly a woman (or exactly a man either), I wondered how I would pull it off (not to mention pronouncing the name of the author).

But I recorded it, doing my best to deliver an androgynous, accented performance, but also to bring some emotion to the table, and I'll admit that there were a couple parts I thought were pretty okay. After that, I had to edit the recording, and it was then that I picked up on some nuances and language craft that I hadn't appreciated before. By the time it was done, I thought "Of Men and Wolves" was a pretty high quality tale.

You can check it out over at and judge for yourself.


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