Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Tale of Two Podcasts

So, we've been too long without an episode of the Dunesteef, as you probably already know.  We have tried to remedy that, as you may also already know, and there is more than one episode edited and produced just waiting to see the light of day (one by me, and three others by our tireless producers).  But obstacles keep getting in the way of our recording.  Two weeks ago, we got together, and before we could head to Big's house to tape a show, Big's wife called him home to attend to a sick child.  There was the night we chose to watch "Ender's Game" instead of podcasting, and then, the next Monday, we sat down to record, only to find that the keyboard on Big's long-lamented computer had stopped working, and there was no way for him to type in his password to log onto the system.  We had months-overdue lines for Abbie Hilton, and a short story that may qualify as the world's longest to do for Marshal Latham, as well as our own stuff to do, so we borrowed Big's wife's laptop and read off of it until the battery ran out (he couldn't find the cord to plug it in, and it was nearing three am anyway).

So, this week, Big grabbed a spare keyboard to plug into his computer, and we tried our darnedest to get together early to catch up on podcasting.  We've got a new producer who did an episode for us, so we listened to his work, and recorded something to go along with it.  But most of our work was for our next show, which is written by Big, and produced by Bryan Lincoln.  It's a long story, and we listened to Bryan's production of it, which is impressive as always.  Then we sat down and did our usual aftershow banter to put with it.  But . . .

When Big went to save the file, he got an error that there was already a file on his hard drive with that name.

It would seem that, back in April, the night we recorded that story, we also did an episode for it, thinking it would save us time.  But neither Big nor I had any memory of doing that (even though, when I checked my own computer, I too had a copy of that episode from April 2nd), so it saved us no time at all.

In fact, it created something of an additional difficulty.  I am loathe to throw anything away, and though Big suggested I make some sort of Doctor Mephesto hybrid of the two shows, I decided to go ahead and edit them both, and make both of them available to the listeners.  The one we recorded in November will be the "Official" release that goes out on our feed and such, but the one from April will be our "Bootleg" version that, I don't know, goes out to donators, or maybe shows up on this blog page or something.

Regardless, I hope some of y'all will be happy to see that we've got a new episode coming out, and another one in the can beyond that. 


Rish Outfield, Drummer - Ank Oatfield

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