Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rish Performs "The Backworlds" on

I recently finished production on a Science Fiction novel, "The Backworlds," by M. Pax.  It's a fun story about spacefaring adventure, that's a bit like a Heinlein book, and a bit like "Firefly."  Craze, the son of a bar owner, is forced to go out alone into the galaxy to make his fortune.  He meets up with some fellow travelers, some who are immediately friendly, some who seek to take advantage of his inexperience.  He has an adventure or two, hoping for a big break that will make him rich, and more importantly, prove his father wrong about him.

The story ends with a pretty solid grouping of characters, all setting out together for more adventure, and I found myself disappointed to discover that was the end.  Luckily, this was just the first book in a series (as they all are), and presumably, more fun is to be had.

Here's the link:  If this sells, you never know, Ms. Pax may ask me to narrate another.  If this sells a lot, the money will be nice, but more importantly, it will prove my father wrong about me.

Rish Outfield

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