Monday, September 30, 2013

Big 'n Rish's Broken Mirror collection "Pretty Ugly" available for sale

This has certainly been a month to remember.  Big spent it homeless, crashed his car, kicked his dog, finally moved into his new house, and also achieved another of his goals.  Like Rish's story, "The Calling," Big now has something for sale up on Amazon.*

The first thing available of ours to buy is a collection of two stories, in a "Pretty Ugly" package.  It's the premiere installment in what we're calling our Broken Mirror Stories collection, where we each present a story with the same basic premise (not just similar to our bi-annual contest, but the inspiration for it).  This one is based on the idea of an unattractive girl becoming suddenly attractive.

Big's story, "The Mirror Sometimes Lies," is about a girl at a party who meets a strange woman who changes the way people see her.  The Outfield tale, "The Ugly Table," follows a couple of high school friends who observe some of their fellow students looking better than they did the day before.  It also includes a little introduction (similar to this one) and an afterward by Rish Outfield (also similar to this), telling of the stories' origins and promising/threatening more.

Big uses the name B.D. Anklevich, and while Rish considered using his stage name, Zeppo the Wonder Dildo, Gino Moretto convinced him otherwise.  Oh, and Gino did the cover art for us, bless his black heart.

Here be yon link:

As before, we appreciate anybody (who wants to) buying the stories, and any encouragement or suggestions as to what to do next.

Rish n' Big, Story Peddlers

*And if it's anything like Rish's experience, it'll now be all the easier to start putting more writing up.

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