Thursday, August 15, 2013

Worst Marathon Ever 1: The Olaves, the Espindolas

Big and Rish kick off this marathon of That Gets My Goat episodes with Big talking about something from sports radio that really chaps his hide.  Oddly, this subject will come up again and again . . . for the rest of his life.

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  1. Okay, I have been playing "catchup" on TGMG, and just listened to all of the released "Worst Marathon Evah" episodes, and I very much wanted to put in my 2 cents on Big's gripe from this one. Basically, he couldn't find any logical reason why sports announcers (or anyone else) would speak in the plural when they talk about team members. But when I've heard them do this, there was a sort of logic to it, that I want to try to explain, so maybe it will make a little sense.

    To me, what they say "the Ryan Brauns", it is like they are referring to "the other players who are in the same class as Ryan Braun, or are like him". I realize they could have just said that instead, but it becomes a sort of short cut for that if they say "the Aaron Rodgers'" (okay, I admit it, it's clumsy when the player's name ends with an S.)

    Anyway, my point is that they aren't referring directly to the players whose names they are listing: they are referring to all the OTHER PLAYERS who are like them (in the context of what they are talking about).

    Does that make any sense?