Friday, August 23, 2013

Rish & Big Perform "Call of the Pancake Factory" on the Drabblecast

After a lengthy absence, Norm over at the Drabblecast recently bribed us to narrate a story for his show.  I would've done it for nothing, and for a crappy story, but the tale, "The Call of the Pancake Factory" by Ken Liu, turned out to be a blast.

It's part of his Lovecraft month, and tells of a representative of a very famous theme park who encounters cultists with a very unique theme park of their own.  It's clever, funny, and did not go where I expected it to.  It also marks the first recording we've made since Big entered his Homeless phase.*

Thanks to Norm Sherman for the invitation, and thanks to you, loyal listener of strange stories (for the invitation to crash on your couch).  Check the episode out here.

I can't guarantee you'll enjoy it as much as I did, but if you don't . . . I'll refund your money.

Rish 'n Big n' A.M.

*And, it turns out, it is also the last recording we made before Rish entered his Nudist phase.

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