Friday, June 21, 2013

T-Shirt Day

Apparently, today is T-Shirt day. I don't know who decides these things, but it doesn't really matter. What matters, and why I'm bothering to post, is that Spreadshirt, the company that does our T-Shirts for us, is having a free shipping day today. Doesn't matter how much you buy or anything.

So, if you ever wanted a Dunesteef T-Shirt, and you thought, "Sure, I'd pay $11 for a Dunesteef Chalupa For You shirt," but then you found the shipping price to push it over the edge into unaffordability, now's your chance. Shipping is free. You just have to enter the promo code: TDAY2013 when you check out.

Oh, and we've been assembling this awesome photo gallery on Facebook of people wearing Dunesteef shirts, so if you do decide to buy one, take a picture of yourself wearing it, and send it in to us at editor (at) dunesteef (dot) com, and we'll post it there. We want the gallery to be as large and amazing as possible.

Oh, and here's the link to the Dunesteef apparel shop.


  1. I want to buy one, but unfortunately I need a bigger size than what they offer. I while I could buy the thong, I really don't think you want to see a picture of me wearing it. Do they have baseball caps or something?

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