Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rish performs "Unholy Womb & Other Halloween Stories" on

I haven't done one of these plugs in a while.  Whoops.

A few weeks back, I contacted Steven E. Wedel, the author of a short story collection I narrated, to see if he'd let us run a story from the book on the Dunesteef, and he was amenable.  I picked the title story "Unholy Womb," and presented it unchanged from how it appears in the book, which is now available for sale at Audible

The collection itself features scary five stories, all taking place on Halloween.

"Unholy Womb" tells the tale of a youth who picks up a pair of pumpkins from a local farmer, only to find they're part of a sinister Halloween trick.
"The Halloween Feast" has a man who recently lost his wife and child invited to a costume party where the dead share drinks with the living.
"SKN-3" is about a modern day mad scientist in an inner city neighborhood, doing what mad scientists do best. 
"Hungry Is The Night" is a lovely tale wherein a small-time reporter starts hearing about some strange incidents, and discovers the local sheriff has been getting similar calls, leading to the suspicion that something otherworldy has entered their little town.
And in "Scream of Humanity," a nineteenth century doctor is called on to deliver a baby (from another unholy womb), but is given advice on what to do if the child comes out . . . wrong.

Some projects are fun and some are a drudgery.  This was definitely the former, and I hope that's more of the rule rather than an exception.  You can head over to and listen to the first story for free (if you don't like that one, you won't like the rest of them), or throw down a few bucks to listen to the whole thing.  Either way, Halloween wins.

Rish Outfield, Audiobook Narrator

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