Thursday, May 23, 2013

TWSC Author List

There has been a little confusion on some people's part on how to submit your story for the Triple Word Score Contest. We want to make sure that everyone who wrote a story gets the chance to have it actually considered for the prize. So, here is a list of all the authors that we've received stories from. If you think your name should be on the list, but it isn't, get in contact with us at editor (at) dunesteef (dot) com. We'll make sure your story gets its chance.

The list is first names.

Adam Gifford
Amory Lowe
Austin Malone
B D Anklevich
Bria Burton
Bryan Lincoln
Christopher Munroe
Clay Dugger
David Kafri
Donovan Cacace
George Edwards
Gino Moretto
Hugh O'Donnell
Jennifer Gifford
JM Perkins
Jose Bill
Josh Roseman
Julia Shaw
Justin Kauhl
Katherine Inskip
Larbi Gallagher
Marshal Latham
Michael Grey
Rish Outfield
Robin Catherine Rutan
Ryan Anderson
Sam Schreiber
Tibbi Scott
Void Munashii
Wendy Conroy
William Carey
Zane Eddy

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