Friday, April 19, 2013

Rish Performs "No Kinda Life" on Audible

Looks like this may end up being a weekly post type thing, but I suppose that's to be expected, when I signed up for so many projects over on Audible.  And hey, we're all friends here.

A piece I performed called "No Kinda Life" by Ryan King is now available for purchase over at Audible.  It was one of two books (or maybe a novella, since I don't know where you draw the line length-wise) I auditioned for by the author, both set after the end of the world. 

This is pretty much a Western, set in a future Texas, where things appear to have reverted to an Old West lifestyle and mentality.  Texas Rangers are the law in this post-apocalyptic land, and Austin Reynolds, the main character, is the son of a ranger who told him not to go into that line of work, as it's "no kinda life."  Having ignored his father's words, we meet him as he has been called into an isolated frontier town to protect them from the onslaught of ruthless raiders.

My favorite aspect of this story was that the ruins of our civilization are still out there, crumbling and full of secrets, but that the survivors stay far away from the cities, as they fear they're full of ghosts.  He said that some brave souls make their living going into those steel graveyards, to see what kind of treasures they can salvage.  I really dug that image, and seem to recall a movie where that happened (was it TRANCERS?).

The final recording was just under two and a half hours long, but it was fast read and easy to perform.  I got to voice a bunch of characters, from the corrupt mayor, the blacksmith, the bartender, the bloodthirsty raider leader, the love interest (who may or may not be the mayor's personal whore), and the main character, who I decided to use my trusty "Dad voice" to bring to life.

I got the impression this was but one tale in a series, since there was a lot of interesting world-building this story only touches upon, but I haven't taken the time to investigate that.  I've noticed a lot of serieses on Audible, and it would be nice to get a contract to narrate a couple of different ones.  I'm still trying to figure out the best way of recording, though, and it'll be nice when I can stop paying attention to the sound quality, and just concentrate on the performance.

Rish Outfield, Audiobook Boy

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