Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A List Of The TWSC Word Prompts

We said we'd put it out there for your convenience. Now you can see your three words quickly instead of going back and listening through the whole episode to find them. Who loves you, baby?

Amber MacArthur One-hit Wonder, Something Sinister, Face
Sonny C Outer Space, Desert, Phonograph
Clay Dugger Sylvester Stallone, Andromeda Galaxy, Hallucinogen
Zane Eddy Hatch, Dwarf, Attack
Jon Ross Windshield Wipers, Chew Toy, Brick
Tibbi Scott Planet, Despair, Blender
Marshal Latham Starter, Scarecrow, Castle
Michael Grey Students, Porcupine, Paper Clip
Christopher Munroe Michael Jackson, Explosive, Spook
Rob Broughton Airplane Bathroom, Critic, Flesh-eating Bacteria
Andy Dillbeck Flashcard, Absolution, Puppet
Katherine Inskip Invention, Energizer Bunny, Notebook
Bryan Lincoln Scrapbook, Knife, East
Donovan Cacace Paper Cut, Sasquatch, Jays
Void Munashii Hairpin, Cuisine, Snowman
Gino Moretto Eggnog, Keyboard Necktie, Soil
Josh Roseman Forklift, Knight, Jelly
Sam Schreiber Glove, Island, Retina
Larbi Gallagher Angle, Spear, Orangutan
Daniel Latham Haziness, Wraith, Violet
M. Curtis Nail Polish, Sanitarium, Gelatin
Julia Scott-Douglas Bolt, Hunt, Walkie-Talkie
Justin Kauhl Explosion, Rotting Wood, Death
Joseph Katz Bread, Lozenge, Bachelor Party
George Edwards Sponge, Shorty, Abraham Lincoln
Robin C. Rutan Ventriloquist, Nose, Tornado
Kevin Sargent Defenestration, Arrow, Flashback
Dylan Stone Headphones, Candlestick, Bisque
Bria Burton Violin, Eeriness, Morbidly Obese Person
Beau Hall Rain, Factory, Bandit
Adam Gifford Mermaid, Moth, Night
Christian Thompson Ancestor, Shaver, James T. Kirk
Jennifer Saar Groundhog, Babies, Flatulence
Jennifer Gifford Quiver, Winter, Vampire
JM Perkins Kung Pao Shrimp, King, Gimp
Jose Bill Blade, Vets, Avenue
Ryan Anderson Mercury, Electric Chair, Bomb
William Carey Aurora Borealis, South, Endangered Species
David Kafri Blood, Horse, Gandhi
Amory Lowe Antique, Dozer, Haunting
Austin Malone Trap, Fodder, Squid
Hugh O'Donnell Punk Rock, Mosquito, Craft
Wendy Conroy Vent, Mammoth, Bathtub
Andrew O'Dell Blindness, Crime, Spatula
Big Anklevich Agent, Doppelganger, Avalanche
Rish Outfield Report, Squads, George Lucas
Algar Van Cluth Buttplug, Pencil Sharpener, Avril Lavigne


  1. Heh, J.M. Perkins is me right? Or was there a seperate contestant who is named Jim Perkins?

  2. Weird. I wonder if that was one of those autocorrect things where it changes it to what it thinks I mean automatically, like it does when I write teh instead of the. Not sure why that happened, but I'll fix it.

  3. Strange I only found this list now, after the deadline past. I'm a avid listener so I looked at the Dunesteef main site for the list, did not think to look here...

    BTW, is there a way to find out if you got the story I sent?