Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Making Sausage

This is a re-post of something that I put over on my personal blog Big Anklevich Explains Everything. Rish suggested that there might be some people who don't read my blog regularly but do follow the Dunesteef blog and might appreciate this post. So, here it is.

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Sorry, here's the post:

They say the two things you'd never want to watch being made are laws and sausage. So I guess this wouldn't, therefore, count. While in Vegas, Rish and I forced all the podcasters present to sit down and record a story and an episode to go along with that story.

We had Bryan Lincoln narrating the story.

L. "Scribe" Harris and Renee Chambliss were the two main characters.

Marshal Latham was reading one of the more major characters.

And Abbie Hilton had a few smaller parts in the story too.

And of course, Rish and I insisted that we play a part or two ourselves. Because we're really into ourselves, y'know.

If you've ever wondered, this is what it looks like when podcasters go someplace to have fun. Surrounded by all the lights and attractions of Vegas, we did this:

I thought it was totally fun, but maybe watching us do it might be similar to watching sausage made? I don't know. I took video of it all the same.

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be in the room as a Dunesteef show is made, it'd be kind of like watching this video.

Or this one.


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