Friday, August 17, 2012

Big and Rish on "Journey Into..."

Rish here.  Marshal Latham used to produce stories for us, and always did an excellent job. Then he went off and started the "Journey Into..." podcast, and I hoped he would become discouraged, then come crawling back to us. But he not only manages to put out a great show, but he's much more consistent in putting out episodes than we are. Heck, he's up for a Parsec Award now, in the same category as we are!

This week, he put out a story called "Red Road," by David Barr Kirtley. It's a fantasy adventure, but with talking, battling mice instead of people. To hear Marshal talk, there's a glut of anthropomorphic mice fiction in the world, but I dug it and found it pretty unique (though it did remind me of Abbie Hilton's "Cowry Catchers" novel, with its intrigue and battles between speaking animal species).

Check it out here:  Big and I both provided our voices for a couple of small roles, though I'd be wise not to claim the voice you hear on the show is mine.

Regardless, Marshal's got a good thing going over there in "Journey Into..." Go over and check it out. Heck, maybe Big and I will do the same sometime, and see if we can't wrest some of the control away from Count Latham.

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