Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big and Rish hijack the "Journey Into" podcast

Rish here.  A while back, Marshal Latham approached us with an invitation to come over and do a "Journey Into..." episode with him.  But we didn't really know what he was talking about until we had agreed. 

It turns out, he had in mind a twisted plot wherein we took over his show, pushing Marshal out of the way, and doing the whole darn thing ourselves.  He gave us quite a bit of freedom, though we still had to play the episode of "Zero Hour" Marshal had picked out, one entitled "Skylab, Are You There."  It featured the voices of William Shatner and Casey Kasem, which leads me to believe it was destiny that we host this particular episode.

Well, it's now been posted (dang, Marshal is good about getting episodes done on time!), and can be found at:

Check it out.  It turned out to be surprisingly funny, and more fun than I would have guessed.  I do pity the regular listener (listeners plural?) of "Journey Into..." however, if they are particular haters of Big and me, since the theme song is pretty much the only thing we don't ruin over there. 

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  1. So I know I've been MIA and I'm attempting to remedy that right now!

    This episode had me laughing so hard. Loved it! What an awesome idea. It felt like being in on a joke after having listened to both podcasts from the beginning. And it's nice to be in on the joke