Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rish reads a story on "Journey Into..."

Once upon a time, I narrated a short Horror story called "Snakehead" by Sam Schreiber.  It was an icky tale about a camping and fishing trip gone bad.  More than a year ago, made the recording, sent it off, then promptly forgot about it.  I think it was originally intended for The Dribblecast (though that could be wrong since they usually produce one hundred word stories).  Seven or eight months later, I stumbled over it, and couldn't remember who it was for or if I had not gotten it to the requester, and they had given it to Barry J. Northern, as is wont to happen.

But no, it was just that pesky element known as life again, interfering in best-laid plans.  Later, Sam found a friend in Marshal3 Latham, who agreed to put it on his podcast, "Journey Into..."  I believe he then turned it into a full cast production (L. Scribe Harris does the main female voice), with sound effects and music, whereas my reading was just me doing all the voices.

Well, it's finally available to listen to, over at  Marshal always does good work, and they also have some truly beautiful episode artwork, which should make up for any deficiencies in my voicework.

Check it out, especially if you eat fish on Fridays.

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