Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanks For The Donation

The other day, producer extraordinaire, Scott Pigg, told me he had something he wanted to send our way. He said it was nothing fancy, just something he happened to come across that he thought we'd like. I agreed, and soon he said it was on its way.

Monday, as Rish and I arrived at my house for our weekly recording session, we saw a box on the front porch that had been left their by FedEx or UPS or whoever. It was addressed to Big Anklevich, and inside, we found a couple of nice boom-armed tripod microphone stands that would allow us to get our mics off the table, and prevent a lot of the incidental noise you might notice on our show when we bump the table or use the mouse on the computer while talking. We were really stoked. This would improve things a lot. Now all I had to do was find a way to get Rish to stop adjusting his mic while speaking, and we'd be in business.

We were both very thankful to Scott, but we had no idea that things weren't done. Not even close.

The next day, I came home to another box. This time it contained two very nice condenser microphones. Things were going to sound a lot better thanks to Scott. This had already become the biggest donation that anyone had provided to the show, but it still wasn't done.

When I arrived home from work the next day, there was a third box on the porch. Inside was a new stereo mixer, and some nice pop filters. Scott basically outfitted us with a new recording studio. I almost expected the doorbell to ring, and find a contractor there saying, "Hi, uh, Mr. Scott Pigg sent me over. He says to add a new recording studio onto the house. So, yous guys want I should get started on that right away?"

It's really a good thing that Scott did things the way he did, because we'd surely keep limping along with what we've got, rather than buying new equipment. And perhaps he talked with someone who might have clued him in on our reluctance to accept things like this from listeners, so he snuck it past us before we could say that we're fine the way we are. Whatever the deal was, we're really grateful for the donation. Things should start sounding better on our show pretty soon.

I'm sure he didn't do it to get recognition or wind up with a post about him on our blog, but we just wanted to express our appreciation to him. Thanks a lot, Scott.

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