Monday, December 20, 2010


Big here.

At newspapers, sometimes they screw up on the details of a story, and print something incorrect. Then, when they discover their foul-up, they have to print a retraction to inform everyone of the misinformation, and get the truth out there in its place.

Well, for the first time, I have to come on here to print a retraction for something that I said in our most recent episode. That's right, I blew it. I had the chance to be a real podcaster and I bleeeeewww it! If it wasn't such a big deal, I'd probably just let it ride, and never mention it at all, hoping that nobody noticed, and nobody would say anything. But this is really important, and I need to clear it up.

So, in our conversation, I mentioned to Rish that as he performed the part of Reginald Thracken in "Dax Plays Faire" he reminded me of the character Monterey Jack from Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers.

I'm not sure how I could have been so wrong. It wasn't Monterey Jack that I was thinking of at all. Monterey Jack is Australian. He may be big and mustachioed*, but that's really all he has in common with the guy I was in fact thinking of.

I had for some reason confused the picture in my mind. The cartoon character that had actually come to mind was Chief Quimby from Inspector Gadget.

As you can see, they both like to wear a shaggy mustache. So you can see where I might get confused. And Chief Quimby also smoked a pipe all the time (or he may have only held an unlit pipe between his teeth all the time. It was a kids show after all, why would they have a character that smokes? These days, the pipe would be out altogether. Can you imagine that kind of crap slipping past the censors and busybodies? How did they get it past them in the eighties, I wonder). The pipe may be the reason that I imagined Reginald Thracken as Chief Quimby. The entire time that Rish read Thracken's lines, he kept sticking a tootsie roll left over from Halloween in his mouth, pretending it was a cigar or a cigarette or maybe a PIPE!! Apparently, doing this helped him get into character.

It's still really weird that that is the image that came to mind. Someone else in their comment said they imagined Dax as David Boreanaz. That makes so much sense. But what kind of world does Dax live in when his chief is a cartoon character. What is this--The Last Action Hero.

Anyway, sorry to have led you all astray like that. It's a good thing that we got it all cleared up though. It's a real load off my mind.

* Mustachioed is one of those words that just needs to be used more often. It's just so, that's not what I meant to say. I mean, don't use mustachioed more often. In fact, I might reject a story simply for using the word mustachioed instead of the phrase, "he had a mustache," that everyday, normal well-adjusted people would use. It's not as high up there in the list of my pet peeves as the word 'said' when used in a phrase like, "the man had a mustache. Said mustache was big and bushy." Wow, now that I really hate. But mustachioed is pretty bad too.


  1. Funny how people can hear the same thing and get totally different pictures in their heads. I totally pictured Reg as meticulously clean-shaven, $600 haircut, ridiculously expensive suit, manicured kind of guy... I read Dax's comments about him not being able to picture him outside the office as a comment on his very cool, corporate, 'That's beneath my pay grade' kind of suit.

    Chief Quimby was totally the kind of guy you could see getting his hands dirty...

    Anyway, I didn't get mustachioed (sorry, couldn't resist) at all from Reg. Rish's character on the latest ep of 19 Nocturne Blvd sounded like he had a splendid mustache, however...

  2. Oh, so you confuse Jack with Quimby just because they're both cartoon characters? That's ALL kinds of racist, mofo.