Sunday, September 26, 2010

Upcoming Schedule

So, we'll try and get one more regular story in this week, then start airing some spooky stuff for the (great) month of October. Either three or four episodes. After that, it looks like we'll do the Broken Mirror winners.

Also, I think I'll stick the unedited game of Two Truths & A Lie Big and I played here on the blog, like the TGMG shows. If you've got a guess for that, send it in soon.

Lastly, we're still taking zombie sounds if you'd like to contribute to our upcoming zombisodes. Just send your recording to submissions(at)dunesteef(dot com). Thanks again to those who've already participated.

It's possible we'll have a special mini-show written by yours truly the week of Halloween. If I can adequately motivate myself, that is.

Also, there was a moment in our last episode, where, in the midst of talking about masked characters in comic books, I began to talk about Doctor Doom, and a story I had been told about him with his mask off. I told the tale, then we talked a bit about the Fantastic Four comics and movies, and then went back to our regularly scheduled program. When it came time to edit the episode, I felt that the FF conversation didn't really belong in the episode, and I snipped it out, even though I normally love to hear myself talk. That's where our outtakes section can come in handy. Yeah, usually it's just us screwing up during the reading, or doing funny story voices, or saying something about minorities, but in this case (and my lengthy Comic-Con description), you can go to the outtakes section and hear another little anecdote.

Did it deserve to be cut out? You be the judge.

Remember, short, controlled bursts.


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