Monday, September 6, 2010

About This Week's Episode

I was way behind on this weeks episode, and I had no excuse. Rish had cut the story and the post-story chatter too. All I had to do was put the sound effects on, and get it out there. And yet, one week passed, then two...two and a half, and still the episode was not up. Things were getting in my way, you know, life and all that, and I was letting them.

So finally, I sat down to work on the show, and I tried to cruise through it as quickly as possible. I felt so bad for being so late, so I was going to do minimal sound effects. But of course, once I got working on it, I was just having too much fun. The Coleman lantern attack segment sucked me right in, and I was looking for and downloading whooshing noises from, finding breaking glass and clanking metal on Soundtrack Pro, and then it got to the part where Ann One starts shooting lasers out of her hands. Well, I had to do that justice too.

Needless to say, I wound up taking another day on the sound effects and putting in a little more effort. In the end, I think the story turned out much better because of it. But I can take little credit for the most part. Rish was the one who put together the spoken part of the story. He sped up my voice, to make my rat guy sound cool, he roboticized Julie's voice to make Ann One so awesome. Did you notice how Ann One's voice sounded the same, but subtly different, or better once she'd gotten all her modifications at the end? Rish really rocked this one.

So, again, sorry this one took so long. Sorry especially to Rish, who put so much work in, only to have my laziness keep his work in the dark for far too long. I hope, at least, that you think it turned out really good. It would have been much better if the episode where we talk about being nominated for a Parsec didn't come out the day that the Parsecs were awarded. That was all my fault. It would have been better if the episode where Rish tells us about his experiences at Comic-Con didn't come out so far after Comic-Con that you already knew about everything he said. That was still my fault. Ah well. Next week's show will come out much sooner.

Thanks for sticking with us.

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