Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Rish's Second Audio Collection

Rish here.  So, I've been trying to put out my audio recordings in collections, so people can buy them.  A novel idea, I know.  This was my first one.

Well, the second volume is out there, just waiting for some non-discerning listener to buy it. I got my pal Gino Moretto to do the cover art for this collection too, and while it's not the same as the first one, I feel they have a relation, a thematic consistency.

So, this particular collection consists of an Introduction and

Say Uncle
A Slight Delay
Unique Combination
All Night Gas
The Awful Tale of the Minnesota Diarrhea Ghost
New Year’s Day
Unpleasant Sensation
Dead Letter
Quiddler’s Menagerie
Rest Stop
Leap of Faith
Last Call
On Dusty Wings
Greetings from the Ninth Sector

Some of these stories have been heard before, and some are extended or revised versions, and there are a couple flash fiction pieces not available anywhere else.

I already have a story or three in mind for a third collection, but it'll be a while.  Ambition comes scarce around here. 

Buy the collection here!   And thanks.

Rish Outfield, Audio Dood

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