Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rish's Book "A Sidekick's Journey" Available On Amazon

Have you read my story "Birth of a Sidekick?"  It's the Western tale B.D. Anklevich called "Pretty good," and other such raves.

Well, here's the sequel: "A Sidekick's Journey."

Not to be confused with "A Sidekick's Night Ranger."  That's still forthcoming.

BoaS told the story of Benny Parks, an orphan boy chosen to be the sidekick to a Western hero, only to have disaster strike.  ASJ picks up where that one left off, with Ben stuck in a small Arizona town, a better life than he had in the orphanage, but still not where he wanted to be.  But when a veiled stranger rides in, Ben gets a second chance at his dream.

As soon as I'd published it, I went and treated myself to an overpriced milkshake.  The book is now available for purchase, and I would be pleased if you bought it (only two copies sold would pay for that milkshake).  I'd even be pleased if you stole it, though also curious how you managed that.  You can find it on Amazon at THIS LINK.

One neat thing about this series, which I suppose I'm calling Sidekick Chronicles," is that when I first met Ben Parks, it was 2005, he's still the same age.  Seems like magic to me.

Oh, and I can't wait to share "A Sidekick's Bon Jovi" with you in 2017.


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  2. Just wanted to comment here and say that this is a really good story. If you're thinking to yourself "I like Rish's work but I'm not sure if I'd be into a western", don't let the cowboy hat scare you away. That was my mindset when looking into this series and I enjoyed it. If you're a fan of Rish's writing, particularly the earnestness in which he portrays younger characters, then this is right up your alley. This is a coming of age story first in my mind and a western second.

    The supernatural elements we've often seen from Rish are traded here for a sense of adventure instead. But the scenarios here aren't the typical over dramatic fare where the hero always executes the plan perfectly with steely precision. The characters and situations feel real, how you would expect real people would react to realistic circumstances. This makes it easier to relate to the characters while also upping the stakes with realistic consequences.

    If you haven't already you can check out the first part of the story, Birth of a Sidekick, and see if this series is for you. If you like that then you'll really want to check out A Sidekick's Journey, as it improves on the original, at least in my opinion. But that might be just because there's just more of it this time around.