Thursday, May 5, 2016

That Gets My Goat 177: What Else Is On?

It's time to talk TV. The Fall/Winter season is over and the Spring/Summer stuff is kicking off. Big and Rish talk about the amazing variety of nerd-centric TV offerings available, and do their best to touch on each and every one.

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  1. Yup, you got my name right ;-) (feels funny hearing it on the air…), and thank you for your take on both shows, and you really have to get the rest of "the expanse". I have yet to read the books and look forward to it, although it would set my podcast-listening time by weeks…
    As to Jessica Jones, and David Tennant, go look again at the look on his face the second he realizes he does not control her, in the final episode. I thought that was Oscar-worthy acting on his part. A theme there you didn't mention, and I think explains many of the flaws in her character, is PTSD - part from rape, part from killing, part from trying to be the hero and ending up a muderer, and having to deal with all that alone because of what Killgrave can do to her best friends… that would be enough to get anyone to drink, right?
    And yeah, the "other" characters did seem annoying and pointless, at first, but I thought the ending made up for that, and also thought this was a deliberately "rounded" show, showing not only the hero and his/her antagonist but also their environment and their effect on it; the guy who left his kids on the sidewalk and took off because Killgrave told him to was the best example for that, but that just led up to the hanging scene, I think. In the end, it all really fit together, and I think the makers of the show had to be really sure of themselves to go there. And that, I think, sums up what I think about this show: it was sure of itself, in going places very few shows go (especially in the comics world), and handling it as well - and as deliberately low-keyd - as they did.
    I loved it, I'm waiting for season 2, and realy hope they can keep it as good.

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  3. Damn. Wrote a looong second part and forgot to "copy all", then lost it. Well, later…