Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

This is a busy time for me and Big in our respective jobs, and since Big has a herd of kids, the holiday season is probably a nightmare of Elm Street proportions.  But I thought I'd take two minutes (maybe longer, since my internet just went out . . . as it does a couple of times every single day) to say thanks, on behalf of my friend, for the good, good people who have supported us and our endeavors over the years, and in 2014 particularly. 

Last year, the Dunesteef slowed greatly, and floundered a bit on the beach of podcasting.  This year, it came back in a big way, though never quite reaching the productivity it did when we began.  Big and I have lots of other obligations and creative outlets in our lives now, and our own writing "careers" is a significant one.  I put careers in quotes because, well . . .

We each have our own podcasts separate from one another, I've been trying--sometimes even successfully--to make money doing audiobooks, we have jobs, and families, and drudgery, and reading, and television, and that thing in the shed in the middle of the woods that we seldom talk about. 

But it's nice to have the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine and That Gets My Goat.  It's nice to know there are people who anticipate each new episode, and the occasional listener who comments or posts in the forums or emails us is, well, it's very nice.  I'm thankful for that, thankful for the good people who have donated their voices, their music, their art, and their producing skills so we can present new stories to our small, but high-quality fanbase.  I'm thankful for the people who have supported us financially, enabling Big and me to get together every other week or so and eat and record without robbing his new son's community college education fund.

So, thank you.  And thank you to other podcasters who invite us to work on their shows, because that's not just an honor . . . it's fun.  And thank you, of course, to Announcer Man and Sir Fake Sean Connery; we'll miss you when you're gone.

But enough about that.  Go hang out with people who are important to you.  Feed your face.  Be thankful.  And if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, well, have a good week anyway.

Rish "Turkeyboy" Outfield

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  1. Thank you, Turkeyboy. And thanks to CranberryBoy as well.