Monday, October 27, 2014

Rish appears on "Campfire Radio Theater"

Rish here.  Over the last month or so, I've been trying to write an audio drama, ostensibly for our Halloween show.  It's a weird subgenre of screenwriting, and it's been a challenge trying to describe action without any narration.  Who knows if I'll actually succeed in my attempt?  Only Bryan Lincoln knows.

Anyway, if you want to hear how effective audio drama can be, head over to the "Campfire Radio Theater" podcast, and hear "Rip," the production Wilson Fowlie and J. Scott Ballentine pulled off.  It manages to be both extremely funny and not just a little scary, and I got to voice a major character in Old Jim, the teller of the tale of the most famous murderer in history.*

The production is kind of amazing, and parts are very disturbing (there are some sound effects that may have been a delight to create, but are revolting to listen to).

In listening to it, I got nervous, hearing all the genuine, lovely English accents, knowing that my own was coming up.  Whether I botched it or not I really can't say.  Again, maybe Bryan Lincoln does.

It airs in two parts, the second of which just dropped, and can be found at these links:

*Not counting Benjamin Douglas Tyler, inventor of Sea Monkeys, of course.


  1. Nice,
    Something ghastly just in time for Halloween.

  2. Rish does a great job as "Old Jim", and he is not lying about the excellent production on this one!