Friday, July 25, 2014

Big 'n Rish Perform Characters on Tim Pratt's "The Nex" on Audible

My buddy Marshal Latham (wherever I go, he goes) recently spent months putting together a full-cast audio production of "The Nex" by Tim Pratt.  It's a six hour production about a teenage girl who travels to a parallel world (actually the center of all parallel universes) where she makes a couple of unique friends, and encounters some nasty and/or powerful enemies.

Marshal demonstrated his madness in casting several of his friends and fellow podcasters in the production, including Renee Chambliss, Abbie Hilton, Dave Robison, Bryan Lincoln, Scribe Harris, Julie Hoverson, Dave Thompson, Veronica Giguere, Johnny Feisty, and Lauren Nicholson.  Big and
I got to voice Templeton and the evil Regent, respectively.

The audiobook is available for sale on Audible at this link and is already up on iTunes.


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