Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rish's story "Unreleased" on the Horror Addicts podcast

I'll be brief (you can read a lengthier description at my personal blog, if interested).  This month, I have been given the honor of being the featured author at the Horror Addicts podcast.  They interviewed me and told me I could present one of my stories for the episode dropping July 13th, which also happens to be my birthday.

Because I had months to prepare, I decided to write a story from scratch, and unearthed an idea I had wanted to do as a screenplay years ago, where a group of college students go into the woods and unleash a demon or spirit or elder god or something.  Some are killed, but the ones that escape flee back to their university, and beg their old professor of Ancient Religion or Philosophy or whatever to fix the mess they have made.

I thought about the tale, and found myself much more interested in the old professor than the students, and that changed where I wanted the story to go.  Ultimately, I decided to combine the characters, and the old man became one of the college students that had a brush with the supernatural decades ago, and now, at the end of his wasted life, he wants to see it again.

The story is called “Unreleased” and is available to listen to over at  As usual, the tale ended up being far too ambitious for the time allotted, and I ended up cutting it in half.  Even more had to go when I recorded the audio; some of the nuances (and one of the characters) are gone, but I hope it's entertaining and/or moving to whoever hears it.  Perhaps sometime I will do a production of the lengthier version, if anybody's interested.

It was great to have someone say they wanted a story from me, and I may never have gotten to that particular story without them.  I'd still enjoy writing that screenplay sometime.

If someone out there is a fan of my work and/or my voice, I suggest you check it out.  Who knows, I may never get to be a featured author again.

Rish Outfield, Featured Addict

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