Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rish Outfield story on "Masters of the Macabre"

Rish here.  I just finished writing a post about this, only to have it disappear on me (which serves me right for being the second-to-last person in the country still using AOL).  In frustration, I abandoned that post and came over here.

Over at Horror Addicts dot Net, they've just posted the entries in this year's "Masters of the Macabre" story contest.  Like last year, they announced an overall theme, and each writer was assigned a specific subject to write about.  This year, the theme was Curses, and the curse I was given was The Curse of MacBeth (or The Scottish Play).

We were to write a horror story based on our curse, and mine ended up being "The Scottish Scene," about a high school girl who, along with two friends, chooses the witch scene from that particular play to perform as a presentation for her class.  The trio discover that an individual scene can be as cursed as the whole play.  Hilarity ensues, yada, yada.

I don't know how great the story is.  I had to cut it down from its original length, then recorded the audio, then had to cut that down once it was edited together.  I asked Renee Chambliss if she'd perform the main character in the story, but she ended up performing all the female characters, and did an excellent job, with almost as little time to prepare as I had.

Horror Addicts is one of those sites where people really like their Horror, so my tale will probably seem quaint and harmless, but you are welcome to go there ( and listen to the entries (there are only five this time), and vote for the one you prefer.

It's nice to be given motivation to write, and I'm glad I was able to enter the contest again, and write a story I would never have written without their prompt.  The best thing about not being crowned the winner would be to have the chance to participate in the contest again next year.

Rish "Maester of the Macabee" Outfield

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