Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pseudo Echo

Of all the podcasts I've ever listened to, the ones I've probably heard the most episodes of would definitely be the Escape Artists shows. Sure, they've been around the longest, so they have more episodes to be heard, but that's beside the point. Those shows are the reason that I have a podcast of my own now. If I hadn't thought that I could do it better than, I'm just kidding. If I hadn't been inspired by their stories and hosts, then there would be no Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine.

I got an email the other day from the editor of Pseudopod asking if I would read a story for his show. I was surprised that they would ask me back after that last time, but there's no understanding taste.

Of course the answer was an immediate yes, despite the fact that I don't have as much time for things like that as I used to. I just couldn't turn that down. We were so busy trying to catch up with all our backed-up Dunesteef stuff that I wound up having to read it on my own without Rish to listen for my eff-ups. I did make him listen to the final product just in case.

And now, here it is, available for anyone to listen to and to scorn. Go check it out. It's a strange tale, but an interesting and fun one. And creepy too. Of course that is what they're going for over there, so that's a plus.

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