Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Big and Rish interviewed on John Versus Patrick

Recently, J.M. Perkins (author of the "CHEMO" stories) interviewed Rish and Big about writing, podcasting, submitting work, our influences, current projects, Perkins' novel, our college experience, and THE AVENGERS. It was supposed to be a thirty-minute-to-an-hour conversation, but went two full hours.
Click on the LINK here, or go over to www.johnvspatrick.com and try your luck.
And while Rish is usually loathe to tooting his own horn (much to the detriment of his career and the success of this show), this is pretty much the closest to horn-tooting you're gonna get from us.

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  1. A great interview, guys. And I'm sure The Avengers will be good...but the big screen adaptation of Marvel Zombies would have been much better. ;p